At the end of November, the picking and selling of cotton across the country was basically over, and the progress was slightly slower than the same period last year. According to China Cotton Association, the national &n
In October, the national cotton picking processing entered the peak season, the weather conditions are suitable for picking, the yield forecast is consistent with the previous period. Textile markets have recovered, but
In September, affected by the adverse weather in the early stage, Xinjiang's cotton picking and delivery progress was slower than last year; the mainland was not motivated to pick and sell cotton due to the low cotto

2020 China Cotton Industry Development Summit

The 2020 China Cotton Industry Development Summit will be held in Xi’an, shaanxi province, China, on 28th-29th May, 2020. This industry summit, to be organized by China Cottomore>>

The President

Gao Fang President of China Cotton Association Madame Gao Fang has been engaged in the cotton industry for more than 30 years. She is currently the Standing Director of All Chimore>>


Weekly Report: Reserve Cotton Transaction Declined, Domestic Spot Price Decrease

2020-02-18 National cotton planting intention reduced by 5.36% in 2020In February, 2020, the second cotton planting intention survey on inland and Xinjiang cotton growers conducted by CCA was finished. The result indicates the intention national cotton planting

Weekly Report: Reserve Cotton Purchase Climbed; Cotton Price Declined both Home and Abroad

2020-02-10 1. No.1 DocumentOn 5th February, the No.1 Document on Three Rural Issues was published and addressed on the key aspects to completely eradicate poverty, which is the 17th No.1 Document by the CPC Central Committee since the 21 century. As for cotton,

Weekly Report: Round-in Transactions Rebounded Before the Holiday, Domestic and International Cotton Prices Declined

2020-02-03 1. The turnover rate of cotton reserve has recovered substantiallyBefore the Spring Festival, the cotton reserve was rotated into the eighth week (January 19-23). The whole week is planned to rotate 36,000 tons, with a total turnover of 16,000 t

Weekly Report: Reserve Cotton Turnover Rate Recovered, the Spot Price of Both Domestic and Foreign Cotton Rise

2020-01-20 1. The turnover rate of cotton reserve has recoveredThe cotton reserve entered the seventh week (January 13-17). After 12 consecutive trading days of no transaction since December 27, 2019, there were 3 consecutive daily transactions starting fr


2020-01-14 The structure of China Cotton Association 

China Cotton Index (CC Index)
2020-2-21       more>>
  • CCindex (3128B) : 13489 18
  • CCindex (2227B) : 12685 23
  • CCindex (2129B) : 13833 18
Foreign Cotton Index (FC Index)
2020-2-21      more>>
  • FC index S: 84.11 0.25
  • FC index M: 79.37 0.25
  • FC index L: 78.48 0.25
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