China Cotton Monthly Review - December, 2014

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 30/January/2015

The most impressive policy change in the year of 2014 is the trial of cotton target price reform in Xinjiang, which advanced smoothly in general and helped the market to restore its price finding power, narrowed the price gap home and abroad, and also improved the cotton quality.

In December, the cotton harvest finished nationally, slightly faster than the corresponding time last year, while seed cotton sales was slower at declining price. Cotton import increased than last month, price gap home and abroad narrowed down, commercial carryover stock increase was slower. The share of pure cotton yarn in the mills’ stock reduced and export of textile and apparel continued to recover.

The national average picking finished by 99.99% and average seed cotton selling progressed by 77.37% in December. The cotton planting intention in 2015 reduced largely, down by 25.4% nationwide, and the overall acreage is projected to be 47.29 million mu (approximately 3.15 million hectares).

At the final stage of seed cotton purchase, transaction volume, quality and price all reduced. The national average monthly price for seed cotton of standard quality was 5.67 Yuan/kilo, 3.90% down over the month, and 33.53% down than last December. The commercial carryover stock is 2.86 million tons, 589,000 tons more than last month, which is mainly Xinjiang cotton. The monthly average price of CC Index 3128B was 13,743 Yuan/ton, 942 Yuan down over the month. 

Affected by the deadline of import cotton quotas and sluggish textile demand, December import increased to 264,000 tons, 190% up than last month, and 56.5% down than last December. The annual import in 2014 is 2.44 million tons, 41% less than last year. Cotton yarn import is 206,000 tons, 25.7% up over the month, and 19.4% more than last December; the annual cotton yarn import is 2.01 million tons, 4.2% down than last year. For the month export value of textile and apparel is 25.7 billion USD, 5.5% up over the month, 1.2% down than last year. Annual export of textile and apparel values 298.4 billion USD, 5.1% more than last year.


China Cotton Index (CC Index)
  • CCindex (3128B) : 15489 -10
  • CCindex (2227B) : 14542 -11
  • CCindex (2129B) : 15976 -4
Foreign Cotton Index (FC Index)
  • FC index S: 85.51 0.29
  • FC index M: 80.85 0.21
  • FC index L: 78.44 0.34
Monthly Date
  • Cotton Import 12-2018 21.9(10 thousand ton)
  • Yarn Output 12-2018 266.6(10 thousand ton)
  • Textile Export 1-2019 250.6(100 million USD)