China Cotton Association and the International Cotton Association Held a Symposium

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 15/June/2018

The 2018 China Cotton Industry Development Summit has been held in Harbin from June 7 to 8. During the meeting, the China Cotton Association (CCA) held a symposium with the International Cotton Association (ICA). Both sides had agreed to sharing information under the framework of MOU, and discussed many issues such as how to reduce the Default list companies, training activities, cotton import and export situation and policy issues.

The ICA reported that recently they have been quasi awarded five cotton industry stakeholders in China as "the ICA ambassador" title, to make it on behalf of the ICA to promote the execution of arbitration results, to create a more transparent and fair environment for international cotton trade. There are two laboratories of The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) have recently passed the ICA Bremen laboratory certification, so as to improve the overall technical test level of the laboratory.

Ms. Gao Fang, the Executive Vice President, Mr. Yang Zhaoliang, the Vice Secretary-General of the CCA. Mr. Bill Ballenden, First Vice President, Mr. Bill Kingdon, Managing Director, and China Business Development officer Dr. Jiang Rongkang of the ICA attended the meeting.

China Cotton Index (CC Index)
  • CCindex (3128B) : 14157 -9
  • CCindex (2227B) : 13166 -2
  • CCindex (2129B) : 14553 -6
Foreign Cotton Index (FC Index)
  • FC index S: 78.34 -0.46
  • FC index M: 75.27 -0.42
  • FC index L: 70.84 -0.50
Monthly Date
  • Cotton Import 5-2019 18(10 thousand ton)
  • Yarn Output 5-2019 232.7(10 thousand ton)
  • Textile Export 6-2019 246.5(100 million USD)