CCA Senior Delegation Visit U.S.A. Successfully

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 11/October/2007

  On 14 - 30 September, the senior cotton industry delegation of China Cotton Association complete the half months visit to U.S.A. This exchange activity is so broad, so deep, and so fruitful that it is rare in the exchange history of Sino-America cotton industry. This is another successful cooperation between two countries’ cotton industry on the foundation of “cooperative memorandum of understanding “signed by CCA and NCC.
  The delegation members include cotton growers, traders, cotton machines and textile enterprise representatives from Xinjiang, Production and Construction Group of Xinjiang, Shandong, Hubei, and Hebei. The journey is across four major cotton districts of U.S.A. In Washington, the delegation had a overview the America cotton industry and basic policy through visiting the office of NCC and CCI, meeting the vice-minister in charge of cotton of United States Department of Agriculture, the project principal who is responsible for agricultural policy in the Congress and the special assistant who is responsible for agricultural affairs in the president office of White House. After that, the delegation went to Gary, Memphis, Lubbock and Fresno separately to visit American Cotton Incorporated (CI) and cotton classing rooms of USDA, to talk with cotton industry leader and organization from four major cotton districts, to visit cotton field, cotton ginning mill, storage trader and oil factory, which made deeper understanding to American cotton situation and quality characteristic. And the delegation got deep impression to the function of local cotton association in developing the cotton industry. At the same time, delegation recommended CCA, China cotton industry and the present situation of China cotton’s production, sale and import to the colleague in U.S.A.
  The delegation received warm reception. The representative of local powerful cotton grower, ginning mill, trader and storage trader came from different places, spoke out freely with the members of the delegation and exchanged candidly on the question that both sides cared about. At time in U.S.A, CCA and NCC reached common understanding on collaborative project of next year. It is predictable that the exchange of Sino-America cotton industry organization will play a important role more and more in promoting two country’s cotton industry cooperation and reaching Sino-America cotton and fabrics trade win-win.
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