Cotton Senior Delegation of National Cotton Council Visited China

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 24/June/2014

In the morning of 23rd June, China Cotton Association (CCA) had meeting with Cotton Senior Delegation of National Cotton Council (NCC), to have the thorough exchange over cotton industries in China and US, as well as the new seasonal cotton situations in both countries. The meeting was joined by Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Cotton Association, Madam Gao Fang, delegates from CCA Cotton Farmer Cooperation Branch, CCA Warehousing and Logistics Branch and CCA Cotton Processing Industry Branch, and all NCC cotton delegation members, leading by President of Cotton Council International, John A. Burch.
The NCC cotton senior delegation will visit China for one week. This will be the fifth NCC cotton senior delegation visiting China since the MOU was signed between CCA and NCC in 2006. According to the visiting plan, the delegation will visit government department and industry association in Beijing, after that they will visit local textile company, CIQ, cotton logistics park, cotton fields, cotton cooperation and bonded warehouses in Shandong and Shanghai. The communication and exchange between China and US cotton industries will improve cotton trade of the two countries. 

China Cotton Index (CC Index)
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