AQSIQ Cotton Baling Standard

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 25/June/2014

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C.

Release date: 23 June 2014
Alert Notification
No.7, 2014

AQSIQ Announcement on Import Cotton Baling Technical Requirements

The national standard of Cotton Baling GB 6975-2013 was published jointly by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C. and the Standardization Administration of P.R.C in 2013.  This standard specified the mandatory technical requirements on cotton bale type (the appearance, size, weight and weight difference allowance), baling material, banding material, baling method and marks etc.
In recent years, the problem of damage and contamination in the baling of imported cotton has been prominent, which affects not only the quality of imported cotton directly, but also the quality of downstream textile products.  In order to further improve the import cotton baling standard to safeguard the import cotton quality, AQSIQ reminds companies involved in the cotton import business and related industry associations to pay high attention to the baling quality of imported cotton.
First, domestic cotton industry associations and cotton import companies are responsible for timely notifying cotton suppliers in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign countries, of the cotton baling technical requirements to ensure that the cottons exported by them to China meet the Chinese national standard for cotton baling.
Second, nationwide C.I.Q. branch offices are responsible for notifying cotton-consuming and trading companies in the areas under their administration of the cotton baling technical requirements and providing guidance to companies on purchasing cottons baled in accordance with the standard.
Detailed information on Cotton Baling GB 6975-2013 is available at the following website:

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