China and India Cotton Associations will strengthen cooperation further

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 10/May/2008

During the 2008 China Cotton Industry Develops Summit Forum, the top leader of China and India Cotton Association take a formally meeting. This is the 2ed time since the Xinjiang Urumq International Cotton meeting last year.

Mr. Shi JianWei, the deputy executive president of China Cotton Association (CCA) said the cotton trade between China and India was developed quickly recent years, and India has already become the biggest cotton importer of China in the current season. Direct cotton trade between China and India has a bright future. Chinese side would like to strengthen cooperation with the Indian Cotton Association and provide service for the enterprises of members of both sides as a bridge. At present, both sides are initialing the Memorandum of Understanding (being abbreviated as MOU) which will promote cooperative between the cotton associations of two countries further mechanism and standardization.

About the trade dispute which China cotton trader cares about, Mr. Shi points out that as the Indian cotton is imported to China in a large amount, more and more India cotton traders participate in Sino-India cotton trade, but the quality is different among them and trade dispute increase constantly. He hopes to strengthen further cooperation between two associations to coordination the trade dispute and offer a health external environment condition for cotton trade development of two countries. In order to safeguard the interests of enterprises both sides, the associations of both sides remind own members to do business with the association member's enterprises which are strong capability and high reputation, avoid the unnecessary trade dispute.
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