China Cotton Industry Development Summitt Forum held in Tianjin

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 10/August/2006

  The 2006 China Cotton Industry Development Summit Forum, hosted by the China Cotton Association (CCA) was held in Tianjin on August 8 and 9. This forum with the theme of Globalization and China Cotton Industry, is the second of the series, which the first one was held in 2004 with the theme of China Cotton Industry’s Influence to the World.
  Mr. Lin Naiji, the Depute President of China Cotton Association hosted the opening ceremony, The Depute Tianjin Major, Mr. Niu Dun, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Zhou Shengtao, President of China Cotton Association, made welcoming address at the beginning of the forum.
  Mr. Lu Feng, Deputy Director, China Economy Research Center, Peking University; Mr. Ma Zhanping, Deputy Director, Economic Trading Department, National Development and Reform Commission; Mr. Qin Bing, Ministry of Finance; Madame Ma Shuping, Deputy Director, Planting Management Department, Ministry of Agriculture; Mr. Wang Fujun, Deputy Director, Client Department, Agricultural Development Bank, give the presentations on the following subjects: Chinese cotton policies under the globalization, outlook of the reform of the circulation system, the financial supporting policy from the government on cotton industry, the outlook and the problems of the cotton planting.
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