Zhou Shengtao: Globalization and China Cotton Industry

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 15/August/2006

  The 2006 China Cotton Industry Development Summit Forum, hosted by the China Cotton Association (CCA) was held in Tianjin on August 8th and 9th. Mr. Zhou Shengtao, President of China Cotton Association, made welcoming address at the beginning of the forum. He said the China cotton industry not only influences the world, but also is influenced by the world. The globalization has brought great change to China and international community. But With the deepening of reform and market opening, confusion and controversy is becoming, for example, opening up and self-development problems. By the end of 2010, our cotton import dependence will likely exceed 50%. In the future, domestic cotton demand-exceed-production will still exist and the trend will exacerbate.
  Thus, Mr. Zhou Shengtao suggested China cotton industry must take advantage of two resources and exploit two markets; take practical measures to increase cotton production through stabling the area and promoting the yield per unit; explore cotton industrialization model to promote healthy development of China cotton industry; increase policy support, enhance the textile industry technological innovation and autonomy brand awareness, adjust the economic structure and change the economic growth mode; establish a scientific and effective macro-control mechanism for cotton industry stability and harmonious development.
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