Uzbekistan official visit CCA

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 24/September/2008

In the afternoon of September 23, Mr.Elyor Ganiev?¨minister of Uzbekistan's economy communication, investment and trading department) visit China Cotton Association for discussing two countries'effective way of direct cotton trade. He said both side of countries are the strategic cooperation relations. The Uzbekistan government hopes to set up long and steady cooperative mechanism in cotton trade of two countries, try directly and more effective trade way, reduce the intermediate link of trade, launch point-to-point cotton trade directly between Chinese user and enterprise of Uzbekistan, reduce the expenses to the greatest extent. For this reason, the Uzbekistan government would like to offer China enterprises a special preferential policy. Shi Jianwei(vice executive president of CCA??and Gaofang(general secretary of CCA) said Uzbekistan's cotton is similar to Xinjiang of high quality, Chinese enterprises like to use them, and hope the Uzbekistan side improves the pricing and term of payment to expand two countries cotton trade. In recent years, Uzbekistan cotton import cotton market hold about 10% share in China. It is favorable for the enterprises of both sides to launch direct trade. The Uzbekistan government has already realized the factors that influenced the direct trade, and has improved actively. From this year, the Uzbekistan side would like to accept the terms of payment of letter credit from Chinese enterprises. CCA would like to strengthen the exchange and cooperation further with Uzbekistan in cotton industry, promote and launch the direct cotton trade between two countries.
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