The policy understands seminar of the outsea cotton supply enterprises' registration management held in Beijing to

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 16/January/2009

In order to make the outsea cotton supply enterprises understand relevant import policies better, on December 22, CCA and China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) held the policy understands seminar of the outsea cotton supply enterprises' registration management in Beijing jointly. The relevant leader in charge of AQSIQ have explained relevant policies in detail and answered questions, the main foreign cotton supplier and them China representatives office have participated in this meeting. Mr.Song XiuShun, the dericter of AQSIQ Testing and Supervising Division introduced overall quality situation of imported cotton first. Since 2002, the China import cotton quantity have increased by a wide margin, involved country and area increased to some extent too, quality problem relatively outstanding, annual average demote grade proportion remain high, especially there are some mould pack, damage, mixed with non-cotton material problem, which have caused influence greatly on the textile production of our country. Mr. Song thinks these quality problems are mainly caused by insufficient management in cotton producting, processing, trading. That can be improved by supply enterprises registration management. Song says, the quality credit regulation just try in present, will also further improve according to the real implementation to protect the benefits of both sides of supply and demand better. Finally, AQSIQ reaffirms, the credit evaluation system will carry out from March 15 2009 to the external cotton trader. Evaluating work need about 2 months, AQSIQ hope the enterprises failed to offer register material yet should turn on in time in order to finish the registering work smoothly before March 15, avoid bringing inconvenience in the future. Shi JianWei(CCA deputy chairman), Gao Fang(CCA general secretary), Chen Sigang(CIQA general secretary) attend meeting also.
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