The Registration Management of Overseas Supplier Enterprise's for Import Cotton will implement and the international cotton industry pay close attention

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 13/March/2009

March 15 is the start time that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) implement the Registration Management of Overseas Supplier Enterprise's for Import Cotton. The international cotton industries pay close attention to the Registration Management System, and the management of credit class. Some cotton industry's organizations and cotton trade enterprises express the doubt and worry, some countries?? cotton trade enterprises still have not submitted the application of registering. In order to ensure the benefits of both sides, safeguard the trade order of the international cotton, promote effective implementation of enterprise's registration management and the credit class of the quality, China Cotton Association (CCA) does the work of coordination and communication positively, play the role of intermediary bridge between Chinese Government and international cotton industry's organization. First, October 2008, in the time of ICA international cotton annual meeting, CCA notify the situation to the CICCA members, and meet the cotton organizations and trade enterprises of the countries concerned to do some work of communication and explanation. After coming back, CCA notify the doubts and suggestions from cotton organization of various countries to AQSIQ. Second, to held the policy understand seminar in December 2008, CCA invited the officers of AQSIQ and international cotton trader representative to China to promote sufficient exchange of each side. Third, coordinate actively with the Embassy of the countries concerned in China, cotton association, mediate to dissolve the contradiction. Fourth, help the CCA??s overseas members to apply for the registration smoothly, and facilitate the roundtable conference actively, put up the platform for AQSIQ and the international cotton industry's organization. On 10 - 11 March, Mr. Peter Wakefield (CICCA president) came to Beijing to visit CCA and AQSIQ on the resignation system and quality credits assess method. He said the overseas cotton trader has a doubt and misunderstands in understanding the resignation system background, relevant clauses, thought this was the trade barrier that China made, would increase the cotton import cost, which made some overseas cotton traders did not submit register materials in time. Mr. Peter thinks it is essential to strengthen exchanges and communication of both sides, CICCA would like to facilitate its member's visit to China actively, in order to dispel misunderstanding, reach common understanding, and safeguard the normal cotton trade order. Meanwhile, the CICCA encourages enterprises member to register as soon as possible. Mrs Gaofang (general secretary of CCA) said the purpose of issuing resignation system is to ensure import cotton quality, prevent the trade fraud of the illegal cotton trader, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of both sides. Moreover, the resignation system had been notified to WTO members last January, fulfilled relevant procedures. Before this system is issued, opinions from CCA and international cotton industry organization had been adopted, the question appearing at present mainly lies in not enough understand and communicate. The best route to solve this problem is to communicate fully in friendly atmosphere. As a CICCA member, CCA would like to assist CICCA to arrange the roundtable conference with AQSIQ to promote exchanges and communicate of both sides.
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