Zhou ShengTao meet NCC delegation

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 15/June/2009

June 12, during 2009 ' China's International Cotton Conference, Mr.Zhou ShengTao, president of CCA hold a breakfast meeting with the five of NCC delegation including Mr.Mark Lange, the president of NCC. Both sides have reviewed and made a prospects to the cooperation bettween the cotton associations of two countries. First of all, president Zhou express his welcome and thank to NCC delegation's attending. He said that since the establishment, CCA have been always keeping good cooperation with the American cotton all the time. In October of this year, CCA will also form a team and visit U.S.A., which will further strengthen the exchange and cooperation of the cotton industries of both sides. On the impact of the financial crisis to U.S.A. , Mr. Mark Lange says, the impact on U.S.A.'s economy of the financial crisis is really very obvious, especially American autocar field, but have a little effect on agriculture. It is estimated since fourth quarter, resuming growth will appear in U.S.A.'s economy. Mr. Allen Terhaar, the president of CCI registers is very interested to CCA's registing " Chinese cotton " identification to popularize cotton consumption. CCI expects to make joint efforts with CCA to promote the cotton propagation further and expand consumption. Mr. Mark Lange thanks CCA for the coordination betteen General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and U.S.A. cotton industry on the issues of " Import Cotton Supply Enterprise Registering Management System" and " Import Cotton Supply Enterprise Quality Credit Assess Method ". CCA have played a positive role on dispelling misunderstanding and promoting the mutual understanding of both sides. Finally, both sides expressed, under the frame of the cooperative memorandum of understanding of the cotton associations of two countries, both sides will continue strengthening and expanding exchange and cooperation, will advance the smooth development of Sino-America cotton trade.
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