The NCC delegation visit CCA

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 24/October/2006

  In the afternoon of October 23, National Cotton Council of U.S.A. (NCC) delegation headed by Mr. Allen Helms (NCC Chairman) visit the China Cotton Association (CCA), which is the first time in the communication history of Sino-America cotton industry. The delegation include cotton producer, ginner, merchant and representative of warehouses from every cotton region of USA. The CCA introduce the basic situations of association and China cotton industry first, the Cotton Processing Industry Branch and the Cotton Farmer Cooperation Branch introduce the situation of China cotton producing and processing separately. Then, both sides exchange the question issues that interest each.

  Subsequently, Mr. Shi JianWei (Executive Vice President of CCA) and Mr. Allen Helms (NCC Chairman) sign “the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the CCA and the NCC” on behalf of own organization respectively, which means that the communication and cooperation of two organizations and the cotton industry of two countries have entered the mechanism and long-efficiency stage.

  At evening, Mr. Zhou ShengTao (President of CCA) hosts a banquet and entertains the American delegation. Zhou says, “I visited America last year and got a warm reception from the NCC. Now, the American counterpart visits China, I believe you will reap the rich fruit too this time. The development of the cotton industry of China and the United States is mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. I wish the associations and the enterprises of two countries are happy in cooperation and the friendship lives forever”.
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