2011 Training Course for Purchasing and Processing General Information Personnel of Cotton China Early Warning System Held in Beijing

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 14/April/2011

On April 13, China Cotton Association held the training course for purchasing and processing general information personnel of Cotton China Early Warning System in Beijing. Ms. Gao Fang, Executive Vice President & Secretary-General of China Cotton Association and Mr. Wang Yi, vice president of Cotton Processing Branch of CCA attend the opening ceremony. Ms. Gao Fang made a speech. She said, the cotton processing branch was efficient with its work since the establishment, especially in the last few years. The industry data collection has been improved significantly. It provided daily supervision supplement to the Government and highly recognized by the cotton industry.
The information workers' hard work is appreciated. For future work, said Gao Fang, with the highlight the role of early warning system, purchasing and processing information collection work would face more arduous task, especially after the introduction of temporary storage policy, the China Cotton Association took the responsible to estimates and published reference price for seed cotton, which means even more works for the information work. Gao Fang also introduced the temporary storage of national policy in 2011 including the background, purpose, significance. She required the information workers to thoroughly understand the policy, find out the focus, and improve the service capacity.
Mr. Wang Yi, vice president, Cotton Processing Branch stressed that the processing branch had paid great efforts to provide information in the early warning system. There are some achievements, but still space for improvement. It welcomes the training personnel to provide valuable comments and suggestions. Mr. Wang Yi branch also require the whole branch to enhance the capacity in service, particularly in the processing of technical training aspects, in order to make the young could catch up and familiar with the technical work. The opening ceremony is hosted by Mr. Yue Hongzhuang. Nearly a hundred business leaders and information officers from 10 main cotton producing provinces attended the training. The training content includes information on Cotton China Early Warning System and 2010 national cotton situation, the status of China's cotton processing market, cotton purchasing and processing acquisition system data collection methods, application of statistical methods of processing data and reporting test, development and applications of the processing data acquisition and so on.


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