New Head Representation of State Joint-Stock Foreign Trade Companies of Uzbekistan Visits China Cotton Association

Source:China Cotton Association  Date: 25/February/2012

On the morning of 24th February, Mr. Iskandar Fazylov, new head of Beijing representation of Uzbekistan state joint-stock foreign trade company, which is under the ministry for foreign economic relations, investments and trade of Uzbekistan, visited China Cotton Association. Cotton trade and contracts fulfillment between two countries during recent years was the talking issue of the visit. Madam Gao Fang, executive vice president and secretary general of CCA had the meeting with Uzbekistan delegates. In 2011, China imported 167,700 ton cotton from Uzbekistan, decreased by 51.4% over previous year. For 2011 calendar year, Uzbekistan cotton only took 5% of China??s annual import, and shifting from the third import origin of China to the fifth. After close discussion, both sides agreed that joint efforts should be taken to create better cotton trade environment and fulfill the contract. Large-scale cotton trade companies in both countries should also strengthen contacts, in order to promote stable cotton trade development between two countries.

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